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BlinkSync - free command line file & directory synchronization tool

About BlinkSync

BlinkSync is a free file and directory synchronization tool. It works both locally and over a network. It has a command line interface and is particularly suitable for scripting. Common uses include build processes, deployment/publishing, and content updates.

BlinkSync is an open source product distributed under GPLv3. It's written in C# and full source code is available on our SourceForge website.

Because its goal is to be a useful component in scripted processes, BlinkSync offers a command line interface only.


Our SourceForge project website is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/blinksync/.

How to use BlinkSync

The most basic command syntax is:
blinksync <src dir> <dest dir>

blinksync c:\src c:\dest
That's equivalent to a standard file copy (xcopy /s /e).

The more interesting form is when you include the "delete from destination" flag, -d. This means to make the destination look EXACTLY like the source by deleting any files in the destination tree that don't appear in the source tree. This solves the problem of leaving copies of removed files "lying around" forever in the destination if you just use a standard file copy.

blinksync -d c:\src c:\dest

There are numerous other options for fine-grained control if you need it. Type "blinksync -?" for detailed usage instructions.

BlinkSync feedback

To leave feedback and suggestions or get help: please visit our forum.

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